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The sniper position in airsoft is thought to be the coolest and the most demanding one. And this is true. Snipers should be calm, focused and always ready to take the most accurate shot. Besides that, they carry a big, fierce-looking sniper.

In order to achieve your goals as a sniper, you need the best airsoft sniper rifle you can find. The beauty and complexity of this role lie in the weapon you choose.

Since being a sniper requires a lot of time and money, it is important not to waste any and get on the right track instantly. To help you find the best airsoft sniper we put together a list of features you should keep in mind and we reviewed some of the possible choices out there.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

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1. Well MB4410BAB Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle

The first airsoft sniper we have is manufactured by Well and it is their bolt action sniper rifle with full metal outer barrel. This is a real deal and a real beast among airsoft snipers. The quad rail system is there for any accessories you would like to add and improve your performance. But, the sniper already comes with foldable stock, 30 round magazine and an impressive muzzle velocity of 400 or 410 FPS. The ergonomic pistol grip will provide maximum comfort, but still, you should keep in mind that with 9lbs and 10oz, this is a pretty large weapon. As for the length, it is 47. 25″ long when it is extended and 38. 5″ when it is retracted. Well MB4410BAB is made out of polymer and metal, so you will get a pretty sturdy and durable sniper without breaking the bank. Users claim that this sniper is an extremely good base which can and should be upgraded for even better performance.


  • Very upgradable because of the rail system which is essential for sniper rifles
  • Users praise it for accuracy and quietness
  • Because it is bolt action it functions even in low temperatures
  • A high quality hop up system which is very adjustable
  • High quality and sturdy build
  • Taking into account everything you get, good price


  • Some users report jamming if you pull the bolt without pointing the rifle down
  • The bolt is sometimes difficult to pull
  • Pretty heavy (almost 11 pounds) and long

2. Double Eagle Field Marksman Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gun

This next piece is from Double Eagle and it is a spring-powered airsoft sniper which features a full metal bolt, trigger, and barrel, a 20 round magazine and a high strength ABS polymer stock. Another great thing is the adjustable hop-up system in charge of accuracy. The velocity of maximum 420 FPS with 0.20g BBs is more than enough to hit a target far away. Besides the hop up, you can adjust the cheek plate and the buttstock as well. The muzzle velocity is adjustable by using different weight BBs. One other crucial criterion is fulfilled and that is the possibility to upgrade. With the help of the front rail, you can mount any accessory you want. Its polymer construction is both durable and lightweight (around 5lbs) so this sniper is recommended and very suitable for beginners.


  • According to users, very accurate with a zeroed scope
  • An adjustable hop-up system.which betters the accuracy
  • Although it is lightweight it is durable and feels like a real gun
  • Very user-friendly and easy to carry, thus perfect for beginners
  • Extremely affordable


  • The biggest complaints that users have are related to the quality of the magazine which is plastic and often does not perform well enough
  • Another con is that it is pretty difficult to find information about parts.

3. ASG M40A3 Spring Powered Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun

The next airsoft sniper rifle comes from ASG. It is spring powered and, according to users, it is very good quality for the price. It comes packed with features such as a rail for mounting on additional equipment, including a bottom rail if you prefer using bipods. It also features an adjustable cheek rest and stock for more comfort as well as a rubberized buttpad. As for the construction, this sturdy rifle is made from polymer, but the bolt and the barrel are metal, so it can take a beating. Thanks to the external adjustable hop-up dial system and the muzzle velocity of max 460 FPS (with 0.20g BBs) this airsoft sniper can reach and hit targets which are very far away and otherwise unreachable for other rifles. It also comes with a 27 round magazine. Users praise this sniper for the excellent design and realism effect, but you should keep in mind that that is partly due to the weight (5.12 lbs) and the length (44.3”) of the gun.


  • A very good hop up system for accuracy
  • A powerful gun with max 460 FPS
  • Extremely affordable
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Can be upgraded and improved


  • The whole sniper is pretty heavy and long on its own, but it really becomes difficult to manage when you mount all the accessories on it, users report.

4. BBTac M62 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The next airsoft sniper comes from BBTac and it is an extremely powerful spring powered sniper. This 6mm bolt action rifle has a muzzle velocity of max 475 FPS with 0.20g BBs and it has two firing modes: a single shot and a mode with a functional safety. As for the construction, it has an aluminum outer barrel and plastic ABS stock. It comes with a 20 round magazine and a cleaning rod for maintenance. Users report that the M62 is very realistic because of the design and the performance. The bolt is sturdy and the realistic bolt action makes the experience even more authentic. It is about 44 inches long and weighs around 4 lbs, which is not as heavy as some other snipers we reviewed. What is interesting about this sniper is that because of the distribution of weight behind the grip, it is very easy to shoot while standing which is not typical for a sniper but can be very useful in the field. Another great feature is fast loading thanks to the clip. This sniper is really affordable and users are praising every feature and the overall performance of this gun.


  • Realistic bolt action contributes to the experience
  • A very powerful sniper (max 475 FPS)
  • Polymer construction for durability
  • Quality is excellent even though this is an entry level rifle


  • Users are not satisfied with the scope that comes with the gun, but considering the price, this is not really a con

5. BBTac BT-MB06D Bolt Action Sniper Rifle – 470 FPS Modular Full Metal w/ Scope Package

The last airsoft sniper we have is another BBTac bolt action sniper. It comes with a 3-9×32 zooming scope and a foldable bipod, so you will not have to order them separately and delay the fun. Like many other models, this one too has a weaver rail for accessories. It also features an ergonomic pistol grip which makes the experience of shooting very comfortable. As for power, it shoots max 470 FPS with 0.20g according to the company, so it can be compared with much pricier snipers. It has a removable clip which holds 27 rounds and it can be easily swapped. Another great thing about this BBTac rifle is that a lot of parts can be adjusted – a modular style rear, elevation, and windage (via screws). It also features an adjustable hop-up system and a strong spring both of which influence accuracy and range.


  • Another very affordable sniper which comes with everything you need for playing
  • Adjustable hop up, elevation and windage
  • Pretty powerful thanks to a strong spring (max 470 FPS)
  • Comfortable to shoot owing to the ergonomic grip
  • It can also be switched for left-handed users


  • Users report that parts such as the stock and the bipod sometimes get lose and fall off
  • Some users report the scope malfunctioning

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Comparison Chart


How to find the best airsoft sniper – Airsoft Sniper Buying Guide

Being a sniper is a serious and highly demanding task. This position is not for anyone. Airsoft snipers need to be focused, calm and they need the best possible tool for their mission.

If you are a sniper, you probably have some experience. Because of that, you are aware that your airsoft sniper is the key to your success. Nevertheless, finding a reliable one can be challenging. To help you in your mission, we comprised a list of features and characteristics of an airsoft sniper which you should look for when making a choice. Accuracy, range, and consistency are the most important, and with this list, you will find an airsoft weapon which will be exactly what you need.

Types of airsoft sniper rifles

Airsoft snipers are divided into three groups – gas, spring and electric – depending on which source of power they use. In the airsoft sniper world, gas and spring-powered snipers are considered legit i.e ‘real’ snipers, while electric or AEG snipers also exist and they are also used, but they are not considered ‘real’. There are substantial differences between these types and it is very important to know what they are, so you could make a good choice for you.

  • Gas powered airsoft snipers
    The first type is powered by gas, often offers a semi-automatic firing mode and is very powerful. Gas allows very high velocity and a longer range, both of which are very important for snipers. However, gas snipers can also be too powerful, so you need to take into account the velocity and make sure it is appropriate and allowed on the field where you are playing. There are several downsides as well, such as that gas does not function well in cold weather, using these guns is more expensive than using and maintaining electric guns because you need gas tank refills and, finally consistency is not that great, because, as the gas tank empties, the velocity and the effective range change.

  • Spring powered airsoft snipers
    Spring is a great choice when it comes to snipers because it contributes to the realism of the gun. Real life snipers are meant to be accurate and to shoot one bullet at a time, slowly, and this is exactly what you get if you choose a spring sniper. You will, however, have to invest in upgrades if you want to achieve the accuracy and the range desired in a sniper. In any case, you can expect consistent firing, no effect of weather on the gun and spring snipers are far less expensive than gas snipers.

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Single-shot or Semi-automatic

As you have probably noticed, there are two firing modes available when it comes to snipers. To make things as simple as possible, your choice here should depend solely on how you are planning to act in the field and what your style is. In practice, that means that if you want to be more active, engage rapidly with other players and participate more in the action, you should go for the semi-automatic versions, which are usually gas or electric powered snipers. However, if you will immerse yourself more in the role of a sniper, be calm, focused, quiet and observe the field until you spot the opponent and take your shot, you really do not need to be able to shoot rapidly. In this case, a spring-powered single-shot airsoft sniper will satisfy all your needs. Also, this type is usually easier to upgrade than gas/AEGs, so there is another advantage.


One of the most important things you should take into consideration when you are buying an airsoft sniper gun is that it needs to be upgraded in almost all cases This part is crucial for getting an airsoft sniper to do what it is supposed to. When you are thinking about upgrades, you should look into those parts which will better the accuracy, range, and consistency of the sniper. These parts are the barrel and the barrel bore, the hop-up system, the trigger, the gearbox etc. depending on which type of the gun you have. To see and find out what kind of parts will improve your gun, read the section about each part.

The barrel – bore, tightness, and length

The barrel you use and the tightness of the bore are very important for snipers. A tighter bore will contribute to the consistency of the velocity and the accuracy of the gun. Opinions on the tightness of the bore are different, but when it comes to snipers, most users are satisfied with a tighter bore.

As for the length, snipers typically have a longer barrel, which is recommended if you want to achieve the desired accuracy. However, users do not recommend barrels longer than 455mm. Shorter barrels also have an advantage of being less obtrusive and less in the way when you are moving, running or crawling.

The hop-up system

This system is the key element of a sniper, according to both regular players and experts. It is one of the factors (besides FPS) which will determine how heavy your BBs can be. Heavier BBs will contribute to the accuracy and the range of the sniper. As for what kind of hop-up you should look for, it depends on the gun. Whatever your choice of an airsoft sniper is, the first part you should upgrade is the hop-up. You need it to be consistent and balanced. Some snipers come with a great hop-up system, but if you notice your sniper is lacking accuracy or range, you know where to look.


The type of ammunition depends on the FPS. The higher the FPS, the heavier the BBs can be. Heavier BBs retain their energy and velocity, so the target will feel the shoot, which is important when you are firing a sniper. The worst case scenario is that your shots loose strength, speed, and power by the time they reach your opponent. The best thing you can do is test several weights of BBs to see which one is the best taking into account your sniper, certain important parts like the barrel and the hop-up and your shooting skills.

Accuracy and range

Besides consistency, accuracy and range are vital for a sniper. If one of these three is missing, you will not be able to get the job done. As we already mentioned, accuracy and range depend on several things, but mostly on a good combination of quality parts of the airsoft sniper such as the hop-up system and the barrel in the first place, and the weight of the ammunition. In general, you can expect that you will need to upgrade the sniper you choose constantly, as the level of your gameplay rises and your expectation as well.


Another key part of a sniper is the magnified optic. Sniper’s role is a special one – he does not only shoot and kill, but he also observes the field, tracks down the movement of the opponents and has to be able to shoot them from a great distance. These are all the reasons why a sniper should see better and further away than any other position in airsoft. The distance of the sniper from the other players allows him/her all kinds of advantages, but optics are the key to being able to use these advantages. When you are looking for a sniper gun, make sure to check whether it comes with optics, and if not, does it have room for mounting on the optics and what kind you need.

Weight and Material

When you are choosing your sniper, make sure you do not get carried away by how powerful a big gun looks. Yes, big guns are cool, but in the end, every weapon shoots BBs of the same size, and the size of the gun does not influence power or velocity. However, it contributes to the difficulty of the game, because you will be carrying a big, long, heavy sniper for hours. This will drain you and take away all the fun from the game. Be reasonable, and choose a sniper of normal size which will not be a burden for you, so you can still enjoy the game.

Another point to consider is the barrel material, which is what determines the accuracy of the sniper. Metal barrels are recommended because they can take the strength of the spring, so you can have a stronger spring and therefore better accuracy and velocity.


Another important option you should have as a sniper is to have the possibility to mount accessories on your gun so they could help you with aiming. shooting, precision etc. For that, make sure the sniper you buy has a Picatinny rail system. To see which accessories can help your airsoft sniper career, keep reading.

With this, we conclude our extensive list of the most important characteristics of a sniper. In general, what you should look for is an accurate, consistent airsoft sniper with a good range. If all three of these criteria are met, you will be able to take down your opponents from far away and help your team win the game.

Besides the sniper, we talked about upgrades which are essential to achieving the desired effect, as well as some accessories which will aid you during the game. If you save this list and follow the guidelines provided, no doubt you will be the sniper everyone fears in the field.

Additional Gear and Safety – What should an airsoft sniper invest in?

Being a sniper in airsoft is demanding but very rewarding. There is nothing better than getting rid of your opponents when they least expect and helping your team. However, since airsoft snipers are very specific and the position has its challenges, there are certain accessories which can help you get the job done. For your convenience, we made a list of every piece of additional gear you might need, and how exactly it can help you.

Scopes and laser pointers

As we previously said, being able to see your target is important for the accuracy of your shot. Since snipers usually shoot from far away, much further than the players in other positions, they usually use scopes or laser pointers. Scopes come in various shapes and sizes, but the fact is: if you are looking for good performance, be ready to invest in a scope. There are a couple of things you should look for. Firstly, the scope should look and feel sturdy. You will be exposing it to harsh conditions and ‘’beating’’ so it should be able to take it. Then, since you will be shooting from a distance, magnifying scopes are a must. Finally, you can also opt for a waterproof one if you are playing in an area where there is water or it rains often.


A bipod is very useful to have because it helps you put your sniper into a stable position rather than trying to do that on your own the whole game. If you use a bipod, it will help you keep your strength during the game and use it for something else. It is important that you are able to mount it on your sniper, so if you have a Picatinny rail on your sniper, buy a Picatinny mounted bipod. If not, there are always options with clamps which will be equally effective.

Night vision

Of course, since airsoft is so much fun, passionate players like to continue the game even if the sun is down. This is where night vision scopes and goggles come in. They make the light that is there (from stars or the Moon) brighter and therefore make it possible for you to see better in the dark. When choosing a scope, try to go for the one which does not magnify the object as much, since the image in the dark may be blurry.


Rangefinders are especially useful for snipers because they measure the exact distance of the target. The conditions in which you measure the range will certainly affect the accuracy of the rangefinder. However, if you invest in a high-quality one, you will have an advantage over other players and you will improve your accuracy.

A sling and a harness

A good quality sling is a necessity. It will allow you to crawl with the sniper on your back so it does not get in your way. By using a sling, you will make the game much easier for yourself, more fun and you will keep your airsoft sniper away from branches and dirt which can damage it. Another good investment is a harness. A harness is used for keeping the battle belt in its place and it makes it easier for you to move since the weight is evenly distributed and does not move when you run. With the stability that this provides, you can carry as many grenades, magazines, and pieces of additional gear as you like.


Besides all this additional equipment, you should really think about what to wear in the field in order to be comfortable and safe at all times. Safety equipment for snipers is pretty similar to the one for all the other players. You should wear safety goggles, or even better, a helmet which will protect your entire head, including ears and mouth. As for the clothing, you should go for thicker, sturdier clothing, which will not betray you and tear when you are crawling and jumping. This is imperative since snipers spend a lot of time on the ground. The clothing should cover your whole body, so you would not get scratches and bruises, and this will minimize the pain caused by being shot. Also, wear comfortable boots with ankle support, to avoid spraining your ankle. Choose waterproof ones, so you would be prepared for any weather conditions.

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We hope our thorough and detailed list of additional equipment will help you. Of course, you can start playing without accessories and see how it is going for you. But, even though they are not obligatory, many expert sniper players say that they changed the game and improved the experience substantially. So, if you do not want to miss out on becoming an even better sniper, make sure you see which of these accessories look like they would help you, and get them now. Good luck!

The Sniper Position – Everything you need to know in order to be a sniper

One of the most popular positions in airsoft is definitely the sniper. And it is justified. When you are holding a powerful, big gun and hiding on the ground, targeting your enemies, it really feels very cool. However, this position is not for complete beginners. Although it sounds very interesting, being a good sniper takes experience, time, a lot of effort and a bigger budget. However, if you think the sniper position is made for you, then keep on reading to discover exactly what you need, how you need to act and what you need to do in order to be a successful sniper.

The sniper role

In the field, you are invisible, one with the surroundings. Your job is to stay calm, focused and prepared at all times. You watch and wait for the enemy to appear. You gather intel and share it with your team so all of you will have an advantage. You are physically passive the most of the game because you are either lying on the ground, crawling and/or observing. You rarely engage with the enemy at close distance or in rapid firing. You are always mentally prepared and you are waiting for the right moment to take that important, unexpected shot that may change the game.

As you can see, snipers are far from involved in the game. They are, but still, statistically, snipers have fewer kills during the game than players in any other position. If you would like to run around, always be in the center, involved in action etc. sniper position is clearly not for you

Another point important to make when it comes to the role of the sniper is the importance of the sniper rifle. This tool allows you to be efficient and successful so you really have to invest in it. If you are not prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on the weapon you will be using, do not waste your time. Airsoft snipers constantly need to be tweaked and perfected.

Snipers vs assault rifles

Assault rifles are on the complete opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to your involvement in the game. If you play some other role in the game and use this type of airsoft gun, you will be able to move quickly, engage in close combat and rapid fire. Furthermore, you will still have a powerful airsoft gun in your hands. If you see yourself as a more active player, definitely opt for a more active role, which sniper is not.

What do you need to be a successful sniper?

Besides a good airsoft sniper, you will need a backup weapon, preferably a semi-auto pistol. This is for the obvious reasons if you absolutely need to engage in a close combat situation. Another piece of equipment essential for the disguise of the sniper is the ghillie sniper suit. Without it, and the ability to camouflage, you will be an easy target and you will not be able to do your job in the field. After you pack spare equipment, ammunition, and safety gear, you are ready to take the field.

Sniper is indeed a unique role in the field, and it should be taken seriously. A lot of knowledge, time and money go into playing this position, and if you are not prepared for it and willing to do it, it will be a total flop. However, if you follow our guidelines for what it takes to be a sniper and really give it a thought, you will surely make the right decision. In any case, airsoft should be fun and exciting, and there are plenty of options when it comes to roles in the game, so research each of them and find which one is your cup of tea.

Bottom Line

As you can see, finding the best airsoft sniper rifle is a process. There are some really good options on the market today but you still need to know what you are looking for in order to make the right decision.

Ultimately, you should aim to find accuracy, range, and consistency in the rifle. These three will help you achieve the goal of a sniper. When it comes to your gun, you should be aware that the best airsoft sniper requires time and effort. You need to upgrade your sniper and invest in it constantly in order to get what you need. If you have the means and the patience, the role of the sniper is the right one for you.

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