10 Best Airsoft Guns Of 2021


If you heard that airsoft is a fun and interesting game, it is absolutely right. Whether you want to play it with your children and make it a family thing, or you are trying to find a hobby for your free time, you will surely be satisfied if you choose airsoft.

A big part of the game is finding the best airsoft rifle depending on what position you will play and what you want to achieve in the field. In order to find the best airsoft gun, you really have to dig deep and get to know what you should look for in one.

To help you find the best airsoft pistol for you, we composed a buyer’s guide together with ten detailed airsoft gun reviews which will help you make a decision and get your money’s worth.

Best Airsoft Guns – Pistols & Rifles

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1. Crosman Stinger P311

The first airsoft pistol we have is a Crosman spring-powered, 6.0 mm caliber pistol which is 9-Inch long and weighs 0.50 lbs and represents a replica of the Colt 1911. When used with 0.12 BBs, it shoots up to 325 FPS. It comes with a smooth bore barrel and a magazine with 12 rounds so it is easy to load. There are a fixed blade front sight and fixed notch rear sight which facilitate aiming. There is also a safety lever in the shape of a triangle which you flip to turn the safety on and off. Crosman Stinger P311 has a synthetic construction which contributes to the durability of the pistol.


  • A good range and higher FPS with 0.12 BBs, and good accuracy with 0.20 BBs
  • Works very well when used for targets within 30ft
  • A very powerful pistol for the price
  • The slide pulls back quickly and the magazine ejects the pellets quickly as well which contributes to the speed of firing i.e there is less time between the shots
  • Users report that the pistol is very comfortable and easy to handle and that it is very similar to the real weapon which makes the experience better


  • An unadjustable hop-up system, so players report that it is inaccurate after 20ft. A solution for that is using 0.20 BBs.
  • It is pretty big, so it requires a holster which is an additional expense
  • The ‘easy-release’ function of the magazine does not function properly according to some users, because it often misfires and spews the BBs.

2. Taurus PT111

This next spring-powered single shot pistol is manufactured by Taurus and comes with a magazine which holds 20 rounds, a bit more than Crosman Stinger and a BAXS hop-up unit for the accuracy of long-distance shots. It is made out of polymer and there is an overwhelming amount of positive feedback regarding the size and the design of the gun. It is very compact and comfortable to hold and both users with smaller and larger hands are very satisfied. It features a smooth bore barrel and fixed rear sight. Also, this gun is an exact replica of the real weapon along with full trademarks which will definitely contribute to the feel of using a real gun. It is a 6 mm caliber and you can expect a maximum velocity of 180 FPS when using 0.20g BBs. As for the material, it is made of plastic. Users report that the slide is made out of cheaper plastic, while the receiver is a bit sturdier. It also has a safety when you are not shooting. In any case, for the price, this gun is perfect for beginners and anyone who is still deciding whether airsoft guns are for them.


  • A very inexpensive pistol recommended for beginners
  • It has all the basic functions for those just starting with airsoft
  • Decent accuracy and velocity (18 FPS)
  • It is not difficult to fix when it jams


  • It is made out of low-quality material, but it really cannot be regarded as a real con, considering the price.

3. Firepower .45 Metal Slide Airsoft Pistol

The next airsoft pistol is produced by Fire Power and it is a spring-powered 6 mm caliber pistol with a metal slide. It is a single shot so it must be cocked before each shot, and it has an impressive maximum velocity of 328 FPS, according to the manufacturer. It comes with a 4-inch smooth bore barrel and a BAX hop-up system, just like the previously described Taurus. This improves the accuracy of the pistol substantially, and users do report that the accuracy is satisfying, especially when shooting targets within 30 ft range. It also has front and rear sights and a manual safety mechanism. As for the magazine, it comes with a 12 round one. Users are generally very satisfied with the performance of this pistol, especially taking the price into consideration. It is recommended as a quick side-arm pistol, and many users choose it for close combat situations.


  • Because of the metal slide, there is additional weight and heftiness to the gun, which users find good since it makes the experience of handling the gun more similar to a real situation
  • Great accuracy, especially when using a bit heavier BBs (0.20 g are recommended by users)
  • A powerful pistol for the price
  • The velocity of 328 FPS


  • Several users report that the internal components broke after they started to use the pistol more often
  • Sometimes BBs fall out when you take out the magazine

4. Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tactical Gen3 Airsoft Pistol

This airsoft pistol comes from Elite Force and it is a great replica of the legendary M1911 A1. It runs on 12g CO2 cartridges (not included) and it has a full metal construction which contributes to the durability of this pistol which is highly praised by users. It comes with a 20mm Picatinny rail for accessories such as flashlights and lasers, and it has an adjustable hop up system. It also features a 14 round magazine and a 4.5-inch barrel with a threaded 14mm tip so you have the option to add a mock silencer or a suppressor. According to the manufacturer, the maximum velocity is from 345 FPS to 370 FPS measured with 0.20g BBs, but users report that this can vary depending on the temperatures outside. Since this is a gas pistol, higher temperatures will result in a slightly higher FPS, and lower temperatures in a slightly lower FPS. This also influences the effective range of the pistol, but you can shoot accurately at targets within 60 to 100 ft. It also has textured polymer grips for comfort while handling it. One thing that has to be mentioned about this pistol is how satisfied the users are with the realism of the experience. The metal construction adds to the weight of the pistol, and there is a highly realistic blowback action.


  • It is highly realistic with an amazing blowback action
  • Extremely durable and sturdy
  • High velocity (average 350 FPS)


  • One of the rare complaints is about the magazine which is not made from metal completely and it breaks shortly after the first use
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5. COLT M4 Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun

This airsoft gun will really make you the star of the game. It comes from one of the biggest names in the firearms industry – COLT. This gun is an automatic electric battery powered gun which comes with a 1100mAh 8.4 volt rechargeable battery and a charger. Both internal and external parts are made of metal so durability and sturdiness are guaranteed. It features a metal barrel, receiver, gearbox, and steel gears. It also comes with a removable metal rear sight and a metal 350-round high-cap magazine so as you can see you really get your money’s worth. It also has a full metal RIS system for additional accessories and an adjustable crane stock with 6-positions. As for the performance, it can reach a maximum velocity of 400 FPS with 0.20g BBs and it has an effective range of 80 to 150 ft (average 120 ft). If all of this is not enough, this pistol also has an adjustable hop up system, and all the internal parts can be upgraded.


  • Full metal construction so it is high quality and very durable
  • Taking into account everything you get with this gun, the price is good
  • Highly customizable and upgradable


  • Pretty heavy (8lbs) because of the full metal construction, so it demands a strong user
  • Some users report inconsistency when it comes to the muzzle velocity and range, depending on the types of BBs they use

6. G&G M4 Raider Airsoft Gun

The next airsoft gun we have belongs to G&G’s Combat Machine series and it is an M4 Raider electric gun powered by batteries (battery and charger not included). This gun has a strong body made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, while the barrel, the magazine casing, the gearbox, and some minor parts are made of metal. Thanks to this combination, you still get high quality and good performance for a smaller price. The M4 Raider features a 450 round hi-cap magazine, an adjustable hop up and a 4-point retractable rear stock. It also includes adjustable front and rear sights and a 14mm negative threaded barrel. The rear sight can be removed so you have more space for additional accessories. It also has semi and fully automatic firing modes and functional safety. As for the muzzle velocity, it is between 370-400FPS.


  • This gun is very durable and reliable
  • Users praise it for its muzzle velocity
  • Customizable thanks to the rail system for accessories
  • A versatile weapon which will suit the needs of both beginner and seasoned players
  • High-quality internal metal construction
  • A removable rear sight which opens space for mounting
  • Users report that the installation of the battery is very easy  


  • Users report that the charging handle often does not work and that the dust cover needs to be manually opened
  • Users say that they would prefer that this gun comes with a battery and a charger and this is one of the rare cons they mention about this gun

7. Marines Airsoft SR01 Spring Powered Rifle

Another rifle manufactured by Crosman, this time a spring-powered 6 mm caliber with folding stock for close combat and flip-up front and read sights. The rear sight has an adjustment wheel so you can achieve better accuracy. It has a quad rail system for mounting accessories and this makes it really customizable. Using a red dot, for example, will improve the already amazing accuracy of this gun. It comes with a high-capacity 350 rd magazine and a muzzle velocity of up to 325 FPS. It is powerful and reloads fast for dynamic games and fast action. It weighs around 2 lbs so you do not need to be very strong to handle this rifle for a longer period of time. One quality of this gun which gets high praises from almost all users is its excellent accuracy. The users recommend using 0.20g BBs or a bit heavier for best accuracy and performance.


  • Very useful front and back sights
  • Extreme accuracy can be achieved, especially if you use 0.20 g BBs
  • An easily adjustable hop up system
  • High-cap magazine with 250 rounds and it reloads fast
  • Because of the foldable stock, very versatile, can be used in close combat situations or long distance shooting


  • Users report that cocking is a bit difficult and it demands strength

8. Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR

The last piece we are reviewing for you is manufactured by Lancer Tactical and it is an electric automatic airsoft gun powered by 8.4v1200mah Nunchuck battery (battery and charger included). Its maximum length is 35.5 inches and it weighs around 4.3 lbs. It is made of polymer, so it has polymer receivers, stock, and handguard, but it has a V2 Full metal gearbox and a metal outer barrel. Thanks to this gearbox it can shoot up to 400 FPS with 0.20g BBs. The inner barrel diameter is 6.04 mm. It comes with semi-automatic and full-automatic firing modes and functional safety. The hop up system is adjustable and it comes with a 300 round magazine and an ergonomic magazine type. It also includes a free float handguard with rails for accessories and removable flip up sights. The users are very satisfied with everything they get by purchasing this gun for a relatively low price. It is suitable for beginners because it is lightweight and simple to use, but it would also suit more experienced players since it can be upgraded and it is far more than a basic airsoft gun.


  • Lightweight because of the polymer construction
  • Considering the price, it is well built and users report it is pretty sturdy
  • Good range and FPS
  • Has low resistance wiring which regulates the flow of the electricity from the battery and ensures good performance


  • You have to use metal magazines because others fall out.

9. Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

This next model is a replica of the legendary AK47 rifle. It is definitely not for someone just getting into airsoft. However, if you are experienced and ready to shine on the field this is the gun for you. This is an automatic electric 6 mm caliber gun which comes with a 550 round Hi-capacity magazine, a smooth bore barrel, and a 14mm negative thread. What contributes to the powerful look and feel to this gun is the full trademark and logo of Kalashnikov. The length of the rifle is 710mm / 950mm or 27/37 inches (depending on whether it is folded). It features a front sight adjustable for elevation and a flip up rear sight. It also includes an adjustable hop up, semi-automatic and fully automatic firing modes and a manual safety. As for the performance, it can achieve a maximum velocity between 380-480 FPS and it has an effective range of around 195 ft. Metal upper receiver and barrel, metal gears and a fully upgradable gearbox are included. For maximum performance and accuracy 0.20g – 0.25g BBs are recommended. As for the battery and the charger, premium 8.4v 1200mah small “Stick” battery and wall charger are included.


  • Extremely accurate, especially in semi-automatic firing mode
  • The hop up system is easily adjustable
  • High ROF
  • A remarkable design contributes to the experience


  • The folding stock loosens up and it needs tightening
  • The battery is not so easy to replace

Best Airsoft Gun Comparison Chart


A Complete Buyer’s Guide for the Best Airsoft Guns

If you are getting into airsoft, the first thing you do is find as many good airsoft guns as you can, so you would pick the best one among them. No wonder this is one of the first steps since it is well known that what sets apart a very successful player from an unsuccessful one is most often his/her gun. If you want to be successful and find your cup of tea among all airsoft guns out there, you came to the right place.

Of course, you can always go for the most expensive airsoft gun, but still, you need to know what to look for in one and how to choose one based on its type, model, features and performance. The wise thing to do would be to look at as many airsoft gun reviews as you can before you make a decision.

Because there really are some important things to take note of when making your choice, we made a complete guide for you with everything you need to pay attention to. If you want to destroy your competition and be the dominant player on the field, just keep on reading.

Types of Airsoft Guns

There are three distinct types of airsoft guns based on the way they work i.e. how they are powered: spring-powered, electric (AEGs) and gas powered

Spring-powered Airsoft Guns

Spring-powered airsoft guns are cocked manually and fire one shot at a time. They are cocked by pulling back the slide, bolt handle or forend pump (depending on the type of weapon, if it is a pistol, a rifle or a shotgun). This type is usually the one beginners start with. It is not as powerful and the rate of fire is not as high as in other airsoft guns, but it is enough for a beginner to practice and fine-tune his/her preferences. Spring-powered guns are also the least expensive ones, so if you are on a budget, this is a good option for you. Finally, because of the manual cocking, these guns are the most reliable ones since the weather does not influence their performance as it does with electric and gas guns.

Electric Airsoft Guns

Electric airsoft guns (AEGs from Auto Electric Guns) are powered by batteries (but they also use springs for propelling the pellets) and they usually have semi-auto or full-auto firing modes which spring-powered guns do not have because of their design. The gears in a gear-box are turned by the electric motor and that is what powers the firing mechanism.

There are several subcategories of these guns. Firstly, there are LPEGs, or low powered electric guns, which are less powerful and less expensive than the regular AEGs. Then there are EBBs, or electric blowbacks, which are higher-end AEGs and they run on 9.6-volt battery. They simulate the blowback action of a real pistol but with less kick, however, a major drawback is that they run out of power fast because of the blowback feature. Finally, there are mini electrics which are miniature size guns that fire only full automatic. They can fire only between 50 and 100 rounds of BBs but they have a good range.

Gas Airsoft Guns

Gas airsoft guns use bursts of gas to propel the BBs. The most commonly used gas is the green gas (compressed propane), but CO2 and nitrogen/high-pressure air are used as well. Gas blowback (GBB) guns are the most common type because of the kick they have, which makes the experience of using them more realistic.

Other Types of Airsoft Guns

Besides these three types, there are also hybrid airsoft guns, which are made to be more like real weapons, and they are usually more powerful, and training airsoft guns designed specifically for military and law-enforcement training purposes.

Spring vs Electric vs Gas

Even though some pros and cons were mentioned above, here are the most important points you need to keep in mind when choosing a certain type of airsoft gun.

If you are a beginner go for a spring-powered airsoft gun. They are less expensive and you will not regret spending money on them if you decide that airsoft is not for you. They are very simple to use and because of the spring system, they work in any weather conditions so you do not need any experience or special knowledge when handling these guns in extreme cold or heat. Also, this way of powering will last you forever because it is manual (no charging, or changing gas tanks needed). There are also options for customization to better the performance and the muzzle velocity of the gun, so you do not have to break the bank if you are still not sure whether you want to continue playing or not.

If you are looking for more power and higher rates of fire, go for either of the options with external power sources. Keep in mind that both gas and batteries are affected by extremely low temperatures and that electric guns should be kept away from water. However, you definitely get more power, and a more realistic feel (meaning more kick) if you invest a bit more money into your airsoft gun. Also, these types usually have semi and/or full auto firing modes, which is interesting for most players.

The Battery for Electric Airsoft Guns

One of the most important components of electric airsoft guns is their battery, which makes or breaks their performance. There are several things you should look for in a battery. The first is the mAh rating or milliampere-hour rating, which shows you the duration of the battery between charges. If you want to play longer with one battery, you should look for a higher mAh rating. Secondly, the voltage is important because it indicates how powerful the battery is. More power equals a higher rate of fire in an AEG. Next, there are connector types. There are two sizes (small and large) and two types (male and female). Male can only be connected to the same size female connector and vice versa. Finally, DC Voltage tells you what voltage of the charger you need to use in order to charge the battery. You never use a charger which a smaller voltage than the battery.

Models of Airsoft Guns

What is very interesting and sets airsoft guns apart from, for example, paintball guns is that they are made to look like real weapons. In fact, they are so realistic that laws needed to be introduced in order for police to be able to differ an airsoft gun from a real gun (in the US, airsoft guns need to have an orange tip, for example).

There are many models of airsoft guns including sniper rifles, SMG, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and pistols. All of these are made to look exactly like their real counterparts, and some of theme have features which make using them more similar to using a real weapon.

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Types of Magazines

Magazines are what hold the pellets, so it makes sense that they are important since they determine the number of pellets you are going to have at your disposal while shooting. The number of airsoft pellets they can hold is also the criteria according to which they are divided:

  • Low capacity or Low-cap magazines hold around 68 BBs, which is far less than other models. However, this contributes to the experience being more real, since the ammunition in real-life situations is limited as well. Some airsoft guns can operate only with this type of magazine. Low-cap magazines also have the advantage of operating quietly because they do not need the winding mechanism that high capacity magazines need.
  • Medium capacity or Mid-cap magazines can hold between 90 and 190 BBs. They also operate quietly, but they are better than low-cap magazines simply because they hold a bit more BBs.
  • High capacity or High-cap/Hi-cap/Flash Magazines hold between 200 and 800 rounds. They are three ways in which they work, the first being the winding mechanism with a wheel that has to be wound (loads 50-100 rounds). The second possibility is an electric magazine where a small motor winds the wheel. Finally, there can also be a string used to pull the wheel, but it is not a favorite option since the string can snap.
  • Drum/box magazines hold from 2000 to 5000 BBs. They work similarly to high-cap magazines because they have a push button which starts the electric motor which winds the spring that drives the feeding system.
  • Real capacity or Real-cap magazines work in the same way as low-cap ones, but they carry a far smaller amount BBs, for the sake of the weapon being even more like the real one. They usually will carry the same amount of rounds as the real version.

As you can see, there really are many options. There are some important points to remember:

  • Check the compatibility of your airsoft gun and the magazine you would like to use
  • If you would like more flexibility and care-free firing, go for a magazine with a higher capacity
  • If you would like to emulate real-life conditions while firing and stay true to the original weapon, make sure to check the capacity of the original weapon’s magazine before you choose one for your airsoft gun.

Material, Durability, and Weight

These three points are of course related and influence one another. The materials which are usually used are plastic, metal or metal and polymer. Generally, lower-end, cheaper airsoft guns are made from plastic and they are usually not the most durable ones. They are, however, lightweight, and, as already mentioned, durable enough for complete beginners. You will probably not be throwing yourself on the ground and crawling with your gun in the beginning.

However, if you are a more experienced player, or you know you will be very active and aggressive in the field it is important to find a gun made of quality metal or a mixture of materials. Usually, the price is a good indicator of whether high or low-quality material is used. Keep in mind that there is low-quality metal out there, and this material will also not be durable enough for you. You can also guess that metal guns will be a bit heavier, so take that into account when making your choice.

One part which should definitely be made out of quality material is the gear-box in electric airsoft guns. This will ensure good performance i.e more power and a higher rate of fire, and you do not have to fear that your gun will break the first time you use it.

Velocity and Ballistics

An airsoft gun’s muzzle velocity is measured in FPS (feet per second) and there usually are restrictions about velocity while playing, so keep that in mind when you are making a purchase or thinking about upgrading your gun’s muzzle velocity. In the US, for example, typically allowed velocity is from 110 meters per second (350 ft/s) to and 140–150 meters per second (450–500 ft/s) depending on the type of the gun or the type of the game.

Of course, airsoft guns can be modified to achieve higher velocities. Spring-powered guns can be improved by adjusting the size of the cylinder and putting a longer barrel on it. Electric guns can be upgraded by upgrading the inner barrel or the mainspring, and gas guns’ velocity can be bettered by using different types of gases and/or a different valve.

Range and Accuracy

There is a limit on the effective range in field-play (around 100 m or 110 yds), but most airsoft guns have an effective range of around 43–67 m (47–73 yd). Of course, by adding upgrades such as the hop-up system or using certain kind of pellets can improve the range of the gun.

Accuracy is also very important, but even buying the most expensive airsoft gun will not ensure that the accuracy is on point. You should look into the quality of the barrel (not the length), consistent velocity and hop-up quality if you want to find an accurate gun.

Customization Options and Accesories

We have already mentioned several possibilities when it comes to upgrading and customizing your airsoft gun for it to suit your needs. However, when making a decision about buying a gun, you should make sure that the one you choose can be customized and adapted. As for all the possible accessories, read on to find out what are all the options.

In order to find the perfect one among all the good airsoft guns out there, there really are several points you should keep in mind. If you follow the guide we put together for you, you will not have any problems when deciding and you will certainly become the king of the field thanks to your airsoft gun.

All about the BBs – Get to know airsoft ammunition

BBs are the spherical projectiles which are used for shooting from airsoft guns. This term is often used instead of the term ‘airsoft pellets’ even though there is a slight difference between the two. BBs are usually fired by BB guns and they are made of metal. However, we are going to use the terms BBs and airsoft pellets interchangeably since they are commonly used by players of airsoft in that way.

Types of BBs

There are several types of BBs you should be familiar with, as well as their features, so you could decide which type is the best for you:

  • Biodegradable pellets are, as the name suggests, made to gradually degrade after being fired. This type is usually obligatory in fields and places which cannot be cleaned. So, in order to ensure that the environment is not polluted by plastic and petroleum in non-biodegradable pellets, this type is used. They are usually a bit more expensive than the non-biodegradable versions, but they are well worth it.
  • Tracers are pellets which glow in the dark when fired and they are suitable for playing during the night. There is a special device that lights them up just before they are fired, so they would glow.
  • Non-traceable pellets are darker in color and thus more difficult for the opponents to observe, in contrast to the usual white ones. However, the shooter also has difficulties to follow his/her own shots.
  • Paint-spherical projectiles are similar to paintballs because they are filled with paint. However, because of their thin shell, they are not compatible with airsoft guns using the hop-up projectile stabilizing system, high-cap magazines or mechanical feed.
  • Markers are the type of pellets which leave a mark when they hit a surface because they are coated in powder. They are often prohibited because it is reported that they can break glass (and protective eyewear) since the material they are made of (silica) is very evenly distributed and improves the flight of the pellets.
  • Metallic pellets are made of metal and thus more heavy and accurate because it is less likely the wind or airflow will affect them. However, they can also penetrate the skin and are thus considered dangerous for players. They are usually used for shooting at non-human targets.

The Weight of the BBs

Another important point which should be discussed when it comes to airsoft pellets is their weight. There are 6mm airsoft pellets, ranging from 0.11g to 0.90g, and 8mm pellets ranging from 0.27g to 0.90 grams. For your convenience, we will describe several most commonly used weights and their features.

First up are 0.12g pellets which are very common and used mostly in low-end AEGs and spring guns. They should not be used in high-powered guns because they break easily. Also, since they are very lightweight, they are inaccurate because of the effect the wind has on them.

Pellets which weigh 0.20g take the second place when it comes to frequency. They are used in chronograph tests and AEGs can also use them, even though players usually choose a bit heavier pellets for accuracy.

0.25g pellets are third most commonly used and they are very popular for using with lower-powered AEGs, blowback and spring guns.

0.28 g pellets are popular in Northen Europe, especially for AEGs. They perform similarly to 0.30 g ones but for a lower price.

Pellets weighing 0.30 g are standard for sniper rifles and recommended for AEGs. There are also a bit heavier 0.36 g pellets which are slower, but very stable, hence also used for sniper rifles.

Good airsoft guns will work well with appropriate ammunition. Depending on which airsoft weapon you use and the accuracy and velocity you want to achieve, you will choose the most suitable BB for you. Most BBs are made in both bio and non-biodegradable versions, so keep environment protection in mind as well.

Additional gear – Reaching the next level of the game

There are certain pieces of equipment you can purchase in order to improve the level of your game, become a better player and ultimately defeat every opponent.

The Hop-Up System

The hop-up system is not really an addition or an accessory since it is found in most airsoft guns, but it can be changed and upgraded so we are dedicating a bit of space to it here. With the hop-up, the user can adjust the backspin put on the BB when it exits the rifle and this backspin allows the BBs to fly straighter and further. A quality hop-up will contribute to the range and the accuracy of your gun.


Another piece of equipment which can be useful are sights. The most common ones are red-dot sights for short-range shots and telescopic sights for longer-range shots. There are different types and models and their price ranges from entry to top level, so you have options to choose from depending on your skill level and what you want and need. Another type are laser sights, which are not allowed in some countries because there is a possibility to blind your opponent with the strong beam of light coming from the laser. There are toned down versions that can be used, but they are not capable of producing a strong enough beam of light in order for the red dot to be visible in the sunlight, for example.

Barrel Attachments

What you also may want or need are the barrel attachments. There are two types – suppressors and barrel extenders. Suppressors or silencers, as they are called, make the gun quieter. However, do not expect the same effect you see on the television, because it is a bit different in real life and airsoft guns are already pretty quiet when you shoot. On the other hand, barrel extenders are used for increasing muzzle velocity of the gun which can make a huge difference in the game.

Fore grips and Flashlights

Fore grips are also preferred by some players who like to have a better grip on their airsoft gun and better control while they are handling it.

Flashlights are also commonly used, especially during the games played at night. Illuminating dark areas or surprising and blinding the opponents are some uses of this equipment.

The Rail Integrations System

In order for you to be able to upgrade and customize your airsoft gun, you have to make sure it has a rail integration system (R.I.S.) which is a system of rails in the front of the gun which allow all of the above mentioned additional equipment to be attached to the airsoft gun.

Spare Power Sources

Keep in mind that unless you have a string-powered gun, you will need additional power sources for your electric or gas gun. Batteries, chargers, and gas tanks are always necessary, especially if you are playing for a long period of time, so make sure you bring spare ones with you.

Clothing and Protective Equipment

Of course, besides the equipment related to the gun, you will need appropriate clothing and shoes/boots for playing airsoft. Experienced players recommend sturdy, thick clothing which will ensure that your skin is covered and protected while the game lasts. Also, hats and quality, protective eyewear are a must for airsoft players. Airsoft pellets are not lethal or dangerous, but you should not take your safety lightly. Eyes, ears, and mouth are sensitive and they should be protected at all times, so if you are planning to invest in anything regarding this, invest in good protection for your head.

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A final thing that is recommended is a bigger gear bag where you will put BBs, spare power sources, a water bottle, snacks and ultimately, your airsoft gun. Since they are very similar to real weapons, it is more convenient to transport them to the field in a bag, rather than carry them around in plain sight, and potentially cause disturbance among other people.

If you take note of everything mentioned, you will be fully prepared for every challenge and game, without having to worry about missing something crucial for your victory.

All about Airsoft Positions and Roles – Find an airsoft gun which suits each role the best

If you are interested in airsoft and buying a good airsoft gun. you should first familiarize yourself with specific positions or roles that players can have in the game.

Many people start playing without knowing the requirements and tasks of each position. Very often, a player can end up playing in a position that is not suitable for him/her which can ruin the fun.

An additional reason for knowing everything about the roles is that each role requires a specific weapon. So, if you are on the hunt for the best airsoft gun. first look at our list and descriptions of airsoft positions, so you could determine what sounds the most interesting to you and what kind of airsoft weapon exactly you need in order to be successful in that role.


This position is the most common and versatile one. A rifleman can do literally everything, attack, ambush, defend etc. If you are going to play this role, make sure you are ready for it because it really is very important and sometimes crucial for reaching the objective of the game.

There are two types – a field rifleman which plays outdoors, and an urban rifleman which goes from building to building.

Riflemen, as their name suggests, use rifles because they are pretty portable and have a good range. A field rifleman should have a rifle with a ten-inch barrel or longer because he/she engages in more distant combat in the field. On the other hand, shorter barrels are more suitable when you play urban rifleman.

As a rifleman, you are going to be in the front, engaging with the opponents very often and you should be on high alert at all times. If this fits your personality and your preferences when it comes to airsoft, this is the role for you.


The leader leads the team and organizes the game. He or she will come up with a general plan and assign roles to each player along with the task for that specific role.


The anchor is the player who stays back and covers for the rest of the team while they move forward and find cover in the most suitable place. Depending on the size of the team, two or three anchors are necessary to the left, right and in the middle, in order to be able to fire and cover the whole team.


The rusher is a player who is the fastest one in the team. If you are not like that, try to avoid playing this position. The task of the rusher is to run as fast as he/she can in order to reach the objective. Of course, because he/she exposes him/herself, the chances are high that he/she will get shot very fast.


The sniper is a complete opposite from an active player who often engages with the opponent. On the contrary, the sniper should be calm, concentrated and focused. They observe the field, usually while laying down because they have more control over the weapon in that way. They plan every shot because snipers usually do not have high rates of fire. Their advantage is that they see the opponent from far away and are able to assist their teammates by taking down the opponent from a distance. The sniper is usually very disguised and he/she wears an additional weapon, usually an airsoft pistol, in case of close combat situations.

Designated Marksman

This role is created to fill the gap between two other roles – sniper and rifleman. As we said, the sniper is in the back, observing the field from a distance and shooting from there, while the rifleman is in the front. The designated marksman is somewhere in the middle  He/she is usually equipped with a specific weapon called the Designated Marksman Rifle or the DMR, which has an effective range somewhere between the range of a sniper and a rifle, which suits the position of the designated marksman. Since the players in this position move a lot, their weapon is also smaller than snipers and lightweight.

Recon (Scout)

The scout is there to be invisible in the field, observe the opponent and find out all he/she can about the opponents’ tactics. This intelligence should be reported back to the team in order to improve their tactics and adjust it so they would reach the objective. A scout should be quick, mobile, able to find cover quickly and protect him/herself should he/she be detected by the opposing team. Because they shoot rarely, in order not to blow their cover, their weapon should be small and lightweight.

Support (Machine gunner)

The support gunner is there to provide support for other players, especially the rifleman, by continually firing at the opposing team. He/she usually uses large weapons such as LMGs or light machine guns and hi-cap magazines. The reason for that is that the support should have the ability to suppress the opposing team by constantly firing, so they would have to take cover and not be able to follow the moves of the other team.


The player in this role uses several kinds of grenades to take out the members of the opposing team and help his/her team and the same time. The three most common types are flashbangs, fragmentation grenades, and smoke grenades. They can be thrown by hand, or a grenade launcher may be used. The first type, flashbangs, produce a loud sound and serve as means of confusing and distracting the opposing team in order to hinder their ability to be precise and successful when shooting. Then, there are fragmentation grenades which contain BBs which are released when the grenade explodes. This type is used for clearing bunkers or scaring the opposing team. Finally, smoke grenades produced smoke which is used so that the players would have a couple of moments to move and find cover because the opposing team cannot see them.

Making Your Choice

Of course, depending on the number of members in the team, the type of the game, or the objective, only some of these roles can be assigned. In any case, knowing about them, their tasks and specific characteristics a player should have to play a certain role, will significantly better your airsoft experience. A more organized time is a more successful team.

Finally, as you could see, different roles demand a different type of weapons. So, if you found a position that suits you the most and that sounds interesting to you, make sure you find the best airsoft gun for that position.

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-Frequently asked questions about airsoft-

Can I be injured?

Airsoft is a pretty safe sport when you follow the rules and wear protective equipment. There are regulations for how high the rate of fire and velocity of the gun can be in order for the game to be safe to play with human targets. In general, if you are careful when running and jumping you can avoid the most common ankle injuries. As for the injuries from the shoots, you should not worry about that because airsoft pellets cannot pierce through the skin and if you wear protective wear on your head, your eyes and mouth will be protected as well.

Does it hurt when you get hit by an airsoft pellet?

Yes, you will feel a hit, but it is far from excruciating pain. The pain depends on the velocity of the pellet and the point of impact. If you are hit in a more sensitive place like neck, face, knuckles you will feel more pain. This should definitely not stop you from trying airsoft.

Are airsoft guns dangerous?

If you handle an airsoft weapon with caution, do not point to people who do not play, put the safety on when not playing and be mindful of the fact that you are handling a replica, airsoft guns are not dangerous.

How far can I shoot?

The effective range of an airsoft weapon differs from gun to gun. It depends on the model and type of the gun as well as the upgrades on the gun. You can reach up to 160 feet when you are shooting from an airsoft gun.

How long does a battery in electric airsoft guns last?

This depends on the battery. In general, you should watch for the milliampere-hour rating or mAp rating which indicates how long the battery will last. The higher this number is, the more battery life you can expect. In any case, you should bring spare batteries to the field and a charger.

Why does my gun have an orange tip?

According to US laws, airsoft guns must be marked with an orange tip. This is extremely important because this mark is often the only distinction between a real weapon and a replica. Another important thing to note is that it is illegal to remove the tip and this will void the warranty of your gun.

Can airsoft guns break the glass?

This depends on the glass itself and its density, as well as the FPS (feet per second) of the gun. Spring-powered guns with lower FPS cannot break glass, but if you use a more powerful AEG, this can definitely happen. Airsoft guns which are able to break glass easily are usually not allowed for using on human targets because there is danger of damaging protective goggles worn by other players.

Are airsoft pellets/BBs reusable?

No, you should not reuse BBs again because they can be deformed from previous shooting and damage your airsoft weapon.

What should I wear when I play airsoft?

Make sure you are wearing comfortable, durable clothing which will not get into your way and tear easily. Also, your boots should be comfortable for running, jumping sliding etc. and they should protect your ankles. Finally, do not forget to protect your head, especially eyes and mouth.

How long does a game last?

There is no set duration or a general rule for how long the game should last. It depends on the number of players, the type of the game and the objective. It can last for 10 minutes or for hours.

What is the best way to transport my airsoft gun to the playing field?

In general, airsoft guns are somehow marked as replicas, but it is still advisable to carry your replica in a bag and not in plain sight where everyone can see it. There were cases of people not knowing what airsoft guns are and calling the police, and many times these encounters ended tragically.

How old should one be to play airsoft?

The age limit depends on the country and the place where you play. Check before you schedule a game somewhere if there are restrictions when it comes to the age of a player.

Is airsoft legal?

Airsoft is legal in most of the world but be sure to check for the country you are playing in. Also, many countries consider airsoft legal but under certain circumstances i.e. you have to respect the regulations about weapons, age limit, protective wear etc. It is legal in most states in the USA, as well as the UK, but in Australia, it is restricted and can be used only in training.

How do I know when someone is hit?

Airsoft relies on fair play and honor of other players. If someone is hit, they should call themselves out, put a red or an orange band around their head to indicate that they are out and head towards the Respawn zone.

What is a Respawn zone?

The Respawn zone is a place where players who are hit go and rest for some time (the time is determined before the game, it can be 15 or 30 minutes, for example), after which they go back and continue playing.

What is the difference between airsoft and paintball?

Airsoft and paintball differ firstly in weapons used. Airsoft weapons are more realistic than paintball guns because they are replicas of real weapons. Also, the ammunition differs. Paintballs are filled with paint and when they hit someone, they mark them with paint. On the other hand, airsoft pellets do not contain paint and the game relies on the honor system i.e. when a player is hit it is expected that he/she will call him/herself out.

Bottom Line

As you can see there are many factors when trying to find the best airsoft rifle. You should take into consideration many technical details about the gun, but also what position you will play, what kind of airsoft game you will participate in and finally, what you want to achieve.

The best airsoft pistol for you will certainly help you to take your game to the next level and it will set you apart from all the other players in the field. Your choice can really make or break the victory of your team.

If you take note of all the information here, finding the best airsoft gun will be a piece of cake for you. Good luck and enjoy the game!

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